This testimonial page is dedicated to all the animals and humans that have come into my life and helped me to create these products. I especially want to thank my horse Pete and our dog Jake; they are truly the cofounders of FrogWorks. Pete's Equine Remedy was created to help Pete with the skin condition and hair loss on his tail from his obsessive rubbing. Jake's Canine Remedy was created in memory of Jake. Jake was diagnosed with a hotspot and then given a very high dose of steroids to deal with the hotspot. This high dose of steroids caused Jake to have kidney failure, causing his untimely death. Because of this situation, I created Jake's Canine Remedy so no other dog would have to go through this treatment for hotspots. Not only does it work on hotspots, it has proven to work on many skin problems. 

Thank you so very much to everyone for sharing their stories with us and sending them in. We truly appreciate you trying our products and enjoying them. And, thank you for spreading the word.

Thank you for helping me thrive so that I can enjoy my new home. I really like the potions and creams you make for me, and I have told my friends about you too.
— Bodie Wilkinson
Thought you might want to see this :) I cut my finger in Monday literally and unfortunately to the bone :( I immediately put on yarrow and followed with peppermint. My ER doctor friend said I definitely needed stitches. I decided to try an alternative method for a couple of days using your Healing Gel and then decide. The first photo is right after it happened once I stopped the bleeding. The 2nd photo is today. Thank you Frances :)
I am a trainer of fine bird dogs. However training- as most trainers know- is cleaning kennels, cleaning equipment and hands on with the animals constantly. As a result my hands dry and crack at the fingertips. My daily ritual is applying Frogworks healing balm to my fingertips in the morning and again at night. Where my fingers were once dry, cracked and brittle they are now supple and pain free. Thanks Frances! The animals benefit from a variety of your products as well.
— Lost Arrow Kennels