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Natural healing with plants & essential oils

Backed by extensive training and experience, FrogWorks offers a range of products and services for people and animals. Our oils are pure, organic, ecologically grown and carefully wild-crafted. We continue to have overwhelming support from clients, vets and doctors, and have been written about in a number of publications.

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Frogworks has been an essential part of my dogs health program over the years.  Whether it be cuts and scrapes on my Brittany’s or dressing my horses hoofs Frogworks products are always there to address the issue. Frances’ mindfulness, love and dedication for her animals shines through in every product she expertly produces.
— Source, using Hoof ointment, healing balm, healing gel

 Frogworks specializes in custom blends.

Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland has worked with horses for more than 25 years in a range of disciplines. Her aspirations started with horses and grew to include people and other animals. In 1996, Frances founded her company, FrogWorks. She has always aimed to heighten the well-being of people and animals naturally, through individualized use of plants and essential oils.