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About Our Oils

Essential oils are a natural substance derived from the leaves, flowers, seeds, resins, fruits, rinds, bark and roots. Considered the life force, soul and immune system of the plant, they are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than dried herbs. 

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About Essential Oils

All essential oils, to varying degrees, exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Antiseptic (prevents or combats infection locally)

  • Bactericide (kills bacteria) Ë Bacteriostatic (inhibits growth of bacteria)

  • Cytophylactic (promotes cell rejuvenation)

  • Lipophilic (ability to absorb deep into skin and internal organs)

  • Adaptogens (flexible in response to specific needs)

How many pounds of plant parts does it take to make one pound of essential oil? 50 pounds of Eucalyptus leaves and twigs, 150 pounds of Lavender fresh flowering tops, 500 pounds of Rosemary fresh flowering tops, 2,000 pounds of Rose fresh petals. 

Common Properties of Essential Oils

Antiseptic — Prevents or combats infection locally 
Antibiotic — Destroys the growth/reproduction of microorganisms 
Antiviral — Destroys the growth/reproduction of viruses 
Analgesic — Reduces or eliminates pain 
Bactericide — Kills bacteria 
Bacteriostatic — Inhibits growth of bacteria 
Cytophylactic — Promotes cell rejuvenation 
Digestive — Aids the absorption/assimilation of food into the body 
Lipophilic — Increases ability to absorb deep into skin and internal organs 
Adaptogens — Flexibility in response to specific needs 
Sedative — Has a soothing, calming, or tranquilizing effect