Pete's Equine Remedy

Pete's Equine Remedy

from 18.95

“It Really Works." An all purpose, all-natural, medicinal skin care product, made from high-quality essential oils, which promotes hair growth and heals a variety of skin problems from open wounds to tail and mane rubbing, as well as:

  • dermatitis

  • fungus

  • rubbing

  • sweet itch

  • rain rot

  • bite marks

  • small abrasions

  • stitches

  • sarcoids

Pete’s Equine Remedy was first designed to help heal the skin problem my horse Pete had on his tail and to repair the subsequent rubbing damage he had done. After trying many of the leading brands already on the market without success, I decided to make a product that really works. The results were incredible. Within a few weeks of using this product, Pete’s skin healed and his hair grew back.

"For months I tried different products on my horse’s skin problem. Nothing worked and the problem was getting worse. Then I remembered Pete’s Equine Remedy. After the first application there was a huge improvement. After four applications it was completely gone! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful all natural product." ~ GB

Ingredients: Water, Apricot Kernel Oil, Quality Essential Oils, Dispersa (an all natural emulsifier containing vitamins C and E). 

Comes in a 16 oz spray bottle and a 32 oz refill bottle.

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