Healing Gel

Healing Gel

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This product aids and speeds the healing process for both superficial and deep, tough-to-heal wounds. It prevents or significantly reduces scarring and is also effective on sunburn and rashes.

Healing Gel works as a wound salve, and was initially created to heal a deep finger cut that reached the bone, requiring eight stitches. When the stitches were removed, the finger looked deformed, and there remained a significant gap where the skin had not resealed. This gel was applied for one week, soon resulting in fully healed skin and no visible scar. This healing agent had equal success with a bone-deep puncture wound on a horse ’s inner leg. Within 10 days of application, the injury healed, leaving no scar behind.

Ingredients: Helichrysum, Lavender, German Chamomile in a Seaweed Aloe Vera gel base.

Comes in a 50 ml jar and 7 ml sample jar.

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