Facial Gel

Facial Gel


FrogWorks' Facial Gel was designed as a replenishing skin care product. Many people comment on how soft and toned their faces feel after application. Our Facial Gel gets its skin rejuvenating qualities from the Lavender, Neroli and Carrot Seed essential oils. Lavender is known for its balancing action on sebum and for promoting growth of new cells. Neroli regenerates skin cells and improves the skin's elasticity. Carrot Seed improves the complexion of the skin due to its strengthening effect on red blood cells; and it also increases skin tone elasticity. Carrot Seed is also noted to give a more youthful appearance and is said to remove age spots. This product is a great addition to the rest of your facial skin care products.

Ingredients: Aloe Gel Base, Helichrysum Hydrolat, Lavender, Neroli and Carrot Seed essential oils.

Frogworks' Facial Gel & Facial Mist are a great combination for your skin care needs.

Comes in a 1 oz bottle.

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