Working With The Plants (Class 2, September 28)

Working With The Plants (Class 2, September 28)


Each class you will discover new plants and essential oils. You can choose to take one class or both classes. 

My goal is to give you the basics and guide you along the way to the relationship you wish to have with the plants. Maybe you will be the neighborhood herbalist or want to take your studies into a specific area such as women's health, men’s health, animal health, shamanism, traditional chinese medicine, or product creation. 

I want you to learn the beauty of the plants. I want you to see how they can enhance your everyday life by making your medicines, finding comfort sitting or working in a garden. I hope you will notice all the plants around you and feel their energy when you are walking in nature. Plants bring peace to our lives, and they are very medicinal. I hope to enhance your connection to mother earth and teach you to help her keep the plants healthy so they can keep us healthy. 

By enhancing your connection to the earth, we can protect our environment and keep the plants as a vital source in our lives. 

Class Two - September 28:

  • We will discuss herbs and roots that will support you throughout the winter and into early spring and ways to use them

  • Learn how to harvest a root from the garden and make a root tincture from it

  • You will also create a cleansing essential oil room spray

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