Jake's Canine Remedy

I have a German Shepherd that is 8 years old whose name is “Gretchen”. She has had many problems. Among them are a complete hip replacement, (left hip), epilepsy, incontinence and skin disorders.

She developed a skin condition brought on by the use of a steroid for a prolonged period of time while under a veterinarian’s direction. We were never told that this steroid should not be used for prolong periods.

What happened was that she developed a rash around her genital area and for 2 ½ to 3 inches towards her belly button. This rash would not heal and continued to worsen. We took her to UC Davis Small Animal Hospital. The specialist said that he only sees about 1 dog every two years with a condition as severe as hers. He recommended our dropping Gretchen’s weight from 122 pounds to around 100 pounds and then they would cut out this area which would not heal.

I was able to acquire Jake’s Canine Remedy from, Michael, owner of Grizzly Pet Products in Orangevale, CA, a distributor of FrogWorks products. He recommended Jake’s Canine Remedy and told us that we could expect to see results in 7 days. The price was reasonable. We started using the product. Gretchen’s sore area became quite moist. We didn’t know what to expect so we called Frances. She informed us that this was a necessary condition as the healing process progressed. We breathed easier.

And, as Michael said, at the end of 7 days we saw results. Over a period of 2-3 weeks we saw the condition improve. I want to recommend this product. We felt that we were headed for infection and having to put Gretchen down.

Gretchen is family to us. We spent thousands of dollars on her medical conditions. We love her so we managed. And, we love FrogWorks, the manufacturer of Jake’s Canine Remedy for coming to our rescue.

If you have a health problem with hot spots or troubles like we faced, go to the manufacturer of Jake’s Canine Remedy and talk to them. FrogWorks has holistic remedies that might solve your problem. They solved ours.