Frogworks has been an essential part of my dogs health program over the years.  Whether it be cuts and scrapes on my Brittany’s or dressing my horses hoofs Frogworks products are always there to address the issue. Frances’ mindfulness, love and dedication for her animals shines through in every product she expertly produces.
I’ve had my mare Beau for 8 years, and she’s had hock sores ever since I’ve owned her. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of creams, sprays, and rubs and nothing would heal the sores. Within three weeks of using Pete’s Equine Remedy Beau’s hock sores began to heal and the hair started to grow back! I never thought I would find something that worked. Thanks so much Frances and FrogWorks!!
My guy Harley wears a knee brace that can sometimes rub away the hair on his thigh and the back of his leg. Jake’s Remedy helps soothe the irritated skin and helps re-grow hair that’s been worn away. It smells great and Harley doesn’t fuss when I spray it on! This stuff is terrific!
Louise had a very bad ear infection. I was unaware of how bad because there was no smell. Her ear continue to itch, she continued to scratch. The ear and earflap became red as a tomato. She did have yeast and bacteria. The doc sent home some ointment, which was to be used with an ear flush. Louise hates having her ears cleaned. I called Frances hoping she’d have something to help. Frances suggested I flush the ear with Jake’s Canine Remedy. It was a miracle on many counts. Louise was willing to have me put it in her ear. And when I was done, Louise put her paws on my shoulders and kissed my face!! But the most amazing thing - within 2 hours Louise’s ear was almost her natural pink. I continued to use Jake’s Canine Remedy for a few more days and her ears were back to their healthy state, never having to use the prescribed ointment again. Every morning Louise lets me check her ears and thanks me with a big kiss. Now I’m spraying it in her front paws to alleviate an itch and keep her from chewing on her paws. This stuff is awesome!!

The Garth’s Canine Sneezing Remedy is fabulous. When she’s having bad allergy days, she will wake up with a thick coating in her eye, which I remove with a kleenex. I use the Garth’s Canine Sneezing Remedy and her eyes remain clear all day. If I also apply before bed, she doesn’t wake up with as much stuff - far less, only in the corner of her eye. So I am 100% sold on the effectiveness of this product for eye relief when allergies are in the air. I’m so glad to not have to put a steroid in her eye.
We just wanted to let you how great the healing gel has worked on our dog, Abby. She is a yellow lab and as a typical lab she has ear problems. With her last infection she flapped so much she gave herself a hematoma. She saw the vet a few times to have it drained and it continued to fill back up, our next option was surgery. Not really wanting to do that I found Frances. She recommended Healing Gel. We tried it twice a day for a week and saw a noticeable difference in her hematoma. It started out an inch thick and two inches long, now it just at the very tip of her earflap and very little left. We will continue to use the healing gel and are very pleased as well as our Vet who was amazed at the results. This was a great find for us. I would highly recommend it for any one. Thank you Frances!
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I am writing to you in regards to your product, Pete’s Equine Remedy. I have just used it on my horse’s skin problem and it’s a miracle! Raquel had a large splinter in her neck and after pulling in out, the area around it became scabby, warm to the touch and sensitive. To me it looked like some type of contact dermatitis. For months I tried different products. Nothing worked and it seemed to be getting worse. Then I remembered Pete’s Equine Remedy. After the first application there was a huge improvement. After four applications it was completely gone! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful all natural product.
Sophie’s Feline Remedy has improved the overall health of my three cats. The first time I tested Sophie’s Feline Remedy was on my oldest cat, Spoo. Spoo had a bad fungal infection in both ears. He was constantly scratching his inner and out ear canals to the point where they would bleed. He had been treated by vet and I still had to clean his ears every other day. At one point his ears were scratched so badly he had to wear a cone. After trying a couple of applications of Sophie’s Feline Remedy, I saw a dramatic improvement. Now I use Sophie’s regularly and the fungal infection has disappeared.Thank you so much for this wonderful product – my cats are now much more comfortable and I use the treatment on any skin irritation my cats might develop.
When Basil Fawlty was a mere baby, he was found to have a minor problem with mites. That left him with a very sensitive place on his neck that can occasionally become irritated. My sister read about your products in The Whole Dog Journal. Your Jake’s Canine Remedy was an immediate help! The big baby is now four and we make sure his cupboard always has a bottle on hand to “tackle and take down” any skin issue anywhere that comes along. We order before it’s gone so we don’t ever lack! His skin and coat are beautiful. Basil and his family thank you, Frances and FrogWorks, very much!
We moved from Littleton to West-Central Wyoming in December of 2009. Last summer, my TB mare, L.A had horrible reactions to the bugs/flys here, so much so that the vet put her on a 10 day regimen of Dex injections. Not wanting to have to do that again this summer, and after using every fly spray on the market with no success, and trying those ‘home’ remedies, we tried Ruby’s Equine Fly Spray and it works GREAT. My mare would get huge hives on her body from the bug bites, and she also became quite sensitive to most of the commercial sprays. With Ruby’s, I can use it 2-3 times a day—-no reaction, it really does repel, & it smells good! Plus, it is so nice not to have to use all of those scary harsh chemicals....thanks, Frances! It’s like it was custom made for L.A
Frances has always been available for advice and I appreciate that. In addition to using Jake’s Canine Remedy for hot spots and many otherskin conditions on our dog Gretchen, I have also tried Frogworks’ Healing Gel for a sore on my right ear where my glasses frame rubs. The callus is diminishing and the soreness is gone. FrogWorks’ latest product that I love is Path To Comfort, an essential oils liquid which I rub on Gretchen’s soles of her hind paws and it seems to diminish the discomfort caused by arthritis in her hip and lower back area. We love our Gretchen and since Frances came to our rescue, we love Frances and Frogworks too.
TQ is 15 years old and very set in his ways. He has never been on a plane before or to an airport. My Mom really wanted him to come to her house for Christmas so I decided to try taking him on the plane. He gets anxiety and begins to shake whenever we travel in the car. I misted him and his travel bag with Merlin’s Magic Calming Potion. Amazingly, he did not shake, he went through security, spent several hours in an international airport, flew with other dogs on the plane with not a bark or a peep. People were asking me if he was sedated and when I said no they would ask how did I train him so well. My response Merlin’s Magic Calming Potion! I spray it every few days just because it smells so good. Works on me too! Thank You Merlin & Frances!
Frances THANK YOU! I diluted each of the essential oils as you recommended using the minimum 2 drops per 5 ml of safflower oil. My Golden actually watched the whole process and whenever I was done with a new diluted oil she would get up and come over wanting a sniff so I quickly learned what she liked and didn’t like. Over the weekend we had our first dog show entry and I was very nervous. Your oils kept me calm and able to focus at the task at hand. We had a blast! Kenzie, my Golden, took Best In Breed in then got 3rd in Group in one show. Not bad for two beginners. I even placed some Merlin’s Magic on myself hoping it would help Kenzie and I believe it had a huge impact. Kenzie is also my Service Dog and during one show she started alerting which shocked me given the new environment, all the dogs and people, and plenty of tension in the room. I recommend your products to everyone I meet and was so impressed to see them in full working “ability” on me and Kenzie.