Course Book and Home Course - Working w/ Plants & Essential Oils

Course Book and Home Course - Working w/ Plants & Essential Oils

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Working with Plants and Essential oils for You and Your Animals - Course book and Home Course 

I designed this 195 page course book to teach you about essential oils and how to work with them safely and effectively for you and your animals. 

After 20 years of being in business and practicing with essential oils and plants/herbs I decided to create this course book as a tool to meet FrogWorks' mission:

“Our mission is to teach people how to safely and effectively use essential oils and plants with animals and with yourself. We want to encourage people to use a more natural approach to their animals’ health.  We believe that animals know what they need both in times of health and of health crisis, and when given a choice, they will choose the proper remedy.”

You have three different purchasing options for the Course book and Home Course:

  • Purchase just the Course Book - $79.95

  • Purchase Course Book and Home Course - $305

  • Decided want to take Home Course after purchasing Course Book - Purchase Home Course - $225

In this 195 page course book you will learn the following:

  • Essential Oils, what are they, safety, plant components, etc.

  • Chemistry of Essential Oils and what this means

  • Animal olfactory system

  • Human olfactory system

  • How to work with essential oils

  • Zoopharmacognosy

  • Creating a ceremony for you and your animals

  • Discover hydrosols, vegetable base oils…

  • And more…

Frogworks’ “Essential Oils Kit for You and Your Animals” makes a nice companion to the course book and what you will be learning.

No refunds on course books or home course.

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