Winter Health Workshop (November 2)

Winter Health Workshop (November 2)


Start saving your jars, sharpen your paring knives and get ready to make some winter health herbal medicines. 

Come work with the plants and essential oils that will help you and your family through the winter months. This class is hands-on. In this workshop we will make plant-based herbal tonics such as a sore throat and cough spray, Rosemary Gladstar's famous "Fire Cider", yummy teas, and an essential oil healing room spray. And much, much more! 

We are making the medicinal elderberry syrup with fresh elderberries and a new mystery remedy. 

So come, create and have fun in a community type environment while making your "herbal medicines”. 

If you have never taken this workshop we highly recommend taking the second class in our "Working With The Plants" series. You will learn about all the plants we will be working with in the Winter Health Workshop. It is not required but it will give you a good knowledge base. 

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